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GRAV® Upline® Water Pipe

GRAV® Upline® Water Pipe

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Think you’ve done it all when it comes to water pipes?

If you haven’t tried the GRAV® Upline® Water Pipe, you’ve got a surprise in store.

The Upline® Water Pipe features an innovative ladder perc that pulls water and smoke up through a series of bubbler chambers, cooling as it travels. This unique perc style is an original creation of GRAV® Lead Designer, Micah Evans.

The resulting pulls are a totally new experience, even for seasoned bong smokers. Expect a satisfying rumble as you sip, without the gulps of smoke and air from a large-chambered water pipe. This is precision percolation that maximizes flower flavor.

An integrated vertical downstem acts as an ash catcher and extends the smoke path for even more cooling. And an upper chamber and angled mouthpiece function as splashguards.

The Upline® Water Pipe stands 12.5” tall, all elegant lines and graceful glass. But it’s made with high-quality borosilicate, for durability and longevity.

Comes with a GRAV® 14mm Octobowl. This high-capacity bowl has a built-in glass screen to hold flower fast, plus a small arm for an easy pull without burnt fingers.

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- Innovative ladder perc pulls water and smoke through bubbler chambers to cool
- Provides precision cooling and more focused draws than open-chamber bongs
- Vertical downstem catches ash and resin
- Includes a GRAV® 14mm Octobowl

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